`IVA drops track EXCLUSIVE to ATOMIC ahead of new EP!

Albury/Wodonga area-based artist, `IVA is absolutely no stranger to music. Having grown up singing and playing guitar from the age of 4, `IVA has gone from year to year, playing events big and small around the region to some pretty impressive sized audiences!

Well known for her live performances and incredible voice, `IVA has taken the next big leap in her music career and has announced the release of her track, “i.s.b.t.o.h” in the leadup to her debut EP coming out soon!

What is even better… You all get to hear it BEFORE it’s official release date exclusive to Atomic!

We caught up with `IVA earlier this week to talk music, life and the inspiration behind this amazing track!

Tell us all about “i.s.b.t.o.h”

My newest single is called i.s.b.t.o.h (an acronym) and it’s one of my favorites off my upcoming EP! I wrote it over a year ago so it’s definitely one of the more immature songs that I’ve written. At the time I was really struggling lyrically, so this song was more instrumentally focused, the lyrics didn’t have much thought. I said what I meant. Nothing more, nothing less. Lyrically, it’s very basic, and I said what came to my head. I wanted it to be more about the vibe rather than it’s linguistic quality. It was a really simple song that I could jam out to in my room, just me and my guitar, and release all of my thoughts, you know? Was it recorded by just yourself or was there any other collaborating artists?This song was recorded by me, I handled vocals, guitar, bass, all that stuff. This was the first song where I handled every instrument! In other songs that you’ll hear soon, my legend of a dad lent his magic touch to some bass and percussion stuff. Simon and my Uncle Sev also played a big part in determining instrumental stability. I don’t know what the EP would sound like without them.

Where was this masterpiece produced?

Production and mastering were done by Simon McKenna at Albury Sound Studios. The experience I had at his studio was AMAZING, it brought out every ounce of creativity I had. His studio is really laid back, I felt no pressure not to make mistakes or to say that I wanted to try something new! I’m in love with the mix of i.s.b.t.o.h, and it was all him. How would you describe the music you create? i.s.b.t.o.h is mainly on the pop side, it’s really interesting actually- during this whole writing-recording process I’ve realised how influential studio time is on the genre of the song. Because, when I’m in my room where it’s just me and my guitar, I can make any song sound rnb, neo soul-infused, but as soon as you get into the studio and add other elements to the song, it can really change the dynamic. This change was definitely a positive one, but it’s something big that I’ve learned during this entire experience. I think that the music I create is usually very soulful, especially these days, but i.s.b.t.o.h is a bit different- it’s the musical representation of my growing up phase.

I would like to make it less about the presentation, or how ‘cool’ someone is, or how much money they have, and bring it back to the music.

Who is your biggest inspiration that you draw on when you make your music?

Wow, honestly I have so many influences when it comes to my music, but the main one from me is, and I think always will be, Tori Kelly. She inspires me in the way she upholds herself, and the quality of music she delivers- it’s in her lyrics, her musicality, everything. Another major influence is Daniel Caesar. His album Freudian is my favorite album of all time, I love his neo-soul vibe- it’s the music I dream of creating. If I was to talk about every influence I have, we’d be here for ages, but I definitely take into account aspects from both these artists and more; whether it be there not so typical chord progressions, or their complex and unpredictable vocal movements. I’m still working on it, but I want to make music that good one day.

Talk me through your creative process?

My creative process is very important to me. For me, music is all about the way it makes me feel; if it doesn’t make me feel anything, I don’t want it. So when I write, I need to be in the mood to write. I need to feel like writing. Because if I don’t, I’m going to create something meaningless. For me to write something good, it needs to be authentic. If I’m feeling some typa way, I’ll write about it. I’m not going to make anything up. Usually I’ll find some chords that I like, and I’ll freestyle over it about my thoughts, and it just happens. I don’t like to say that I have a specific ‘process’ as far as orders go, all that needs to remain constant is organic emotion, and having something to say. Once I have those two things, it doesn’t matter what I do, the music will develop.

Who has been the biggest support in your musical journey?

My family 110%. I come from a pretty musical family, so my parents have always encouraged and supported me through it. I am blessed with the best siblings, they always rock up to my gigs and eat. That’s all.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with either Daniel Caesar or Mac Ayres- they are both beasts.

If you could have ANYONE open for one of your shows, who would it be?

Tori Kelly!!! The mere thought of her being at one my shows is too much, plus I just want to hear her live.

What is the craziest/wildest/strangest gig you have ever played, tell us about it?

Honestly, my gigs are pretty chill and nothing much happens lol, but there was this one time I was playing and my capo broke at the beginning of one of my songs, and it was super embarrassing!! I recovered though. Eventually.

What would you be doing right now if CoVid wasn’t restricting your ability to blow up venues everywhere?

Honestly, nothing too big lol, probably just playing lil gigs around town, it’s fun & I miss it !!

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be?

I would like to make it less about the presentation, or how ‘cool’ someone is, or how much money they have, and bring it back to the music. If someone makes good music, they make good music, no matter what they look like, or how many digits in their bank account.

What is one message you would give to your supporters?

The message I would give my supporters is one of mere gratitude. Music is a tough industry, and it feels so much better knowing there are people behind you. So to all those who support my music, thank you, I mean it:)

IVA’s track will be exclusively available from MIDNIGHT tonight (18th September) on the Atomic Stream Space and everywhere else from the 20th of September!

Make sure you head over, give it a listen, share, like and help support `IVA by purchasing it! All interactions help `IVA climb the Atomic Countdown and all monies after the merchant fee goes to the artist direct!

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