Every so often an artist comes onto Atomics Radar and as of recently, a Victorian Duo has sparked an interest. If you are looking for a band with a lot of catchy hooks and pristine harmonies encased in a euphony of driving drums and jangly guitars, then let me introduce to you the all-mighty Travalley!!!


Travalley originally performed as a four-piece band for around two and a half years. However, two members left at the time due to their final year of school and starting up their own record label (everything is still on good terms in case you were wondering)

Nowadays, Travalley is performing as a two-piece band consisting of brothers Sam and Levi Mellington who grew up in a small regional town called Horsham which is about three and a half hours outside of Melbourne. Growing up in a town that practically had no live music scene made it extremely difficult for the pair to find inspiration to write new music and develop a style. But over the years, Travalley created their signature sound and started performing live shows and gained a fan base.


The vibe of Travalleys music is a mix between Indie Rock and Surf Rock. They strive to produce music that is fun and catchy which transitions into a live setting. Travalleys’ main goal is to perform music that will make the audience get up and groove. The themes are generally about love and life as they want to make each song a personal experience and hopefully express them in a way that relates to the listeners.


2020 is looking to be adventurous for the duo. They are willing to build their brand as much as possible and they continue growing with each release. By the end of the year, if the isolation restrictions allow Travalley to perform a couple of live shows, they will hit a regional tour in Victoria to catch up on lost time. Since Sam and Levi are both country boys, getting back into rural communities is extremely important for them so be sure to keep your eyes out for any live shows near you and show them as much support as possible!!! Go check out Travalley on Facebook, Instagram, and the Stream Space at stream.atomicmusic.space/Travalley

Article by: Zoe Quinn

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