Move aside Tinder, the drive-through is where it’s at.

A drive-through or drive-thru, is a type of take-out service provided by a business that allows customers to purchase products without leaving their cars.

Developed in 1930 originally so that people could deposit their money at the national bank Drive throughs were created to develop efficiencies and alleviate waiting times around businesses.    Now we deposit our money to fast food chains predominately in exchange for convenience.

The implementation of it into Fast Food Restaurants was revolutionary in the 70’s. Macca’s bought in to help out the troops in the US who weren’t allowed to enter stores or be seen in their military uniform.  It was the next step forwards in the drive-in restaurant economy.

Since then it’s changed into the lazy man’s option.  You could pull up to a drive-thru, order food in your PJ’s and the only people that could see or potentially judge you was the person taking your order.

It’s almost an excuse to give up sometimes.

It’s not a perfect science as the staff involved are people and human error or lack of giving a shit means the food that comes isn’t always FAST, or the order isn’t always right. Still though, it seems the thought of actually having to have human interaction or cook for yourself is enough to keep people using it prolifically.

With all the travel I do.  I use them a lot.  It’s a good break up on a long drive to get a caffeine hit.  But I am not a fan of the next level that’s been bought in.  The two-lane variety

Theoretically, it’s all about removing congestion from built-up areas and keeping traffic flow going but, in my experience, it’s been a frenzy of selfish and impatient people cutting lines and pushing in.  People can be lined up at the one side with the second lane free then some self-entitled toss will pull in and jump the queue and very quickly go from being 3rd in line to first.

It’s the car version of pushing in at a nightclub line up.  Walking straight to the front because it’s beneath you to wait longer than the other people behind you or pretending you are talking to someone and act like you’re oblivious to the people you’ve pushed in front of.  Seemingly this is a symptom of thinking that you’re better than everyone else or a lack of awareness of others, instead of thinking that everyone should be treated with the same respect and courtesy no matter their stature.  

I hate people cutting lines deliberately.  Sometimes it’s accidental I can reconcile that but mostly when it happens you see someone blatantly push in and then look the other way pretending they had no idea or worse still do it with a smug look of entitlement on their face.

Lockdown forced us to again evolve and to innovate….

Night clubs line ups aren’t a thing now so if you’re craving some disrespectful treatment, get yourself to a two-lane drive thru stat.

The person serving will ignore you, you’ll pay exorbitant prices for what you get and often you’ll get the wrong order.

The next revolution came after I pulled into a two-lane drive thru.  Already there was a good-looking dude beside me in a big swish 4WD was there ready to order.  I waited, admittedly I was changing the music in the car and looking at my phone distracted.  I was asked for my order.  Then drove forward.

As I drove on, I looked back and the man that was originally in front me, was now behind me.  I’d cut in. It was an accident but what ensued was a mental battle with myself about how much of a hypocrite I was and how I could fix it.  This line cutting is something I complain about often.

So, I got to the next window and decided to pay for the guy as an act of good will.

The look of confusion on the girls face at the window and her incomprehension of what I was asking to do was amusing enough for you to at least give it a crack in this capacity. Apparently, it’s unusual for someone to own their mistake and then even less likely try to also try and rectify it. Have you ever seen those movies where aliens discover humans for the first time? That was it, that was the look of fascination she gave me.

So, I paid, I told her to tell the guy I was sorry, and I’d accidentally cut in.  What happened next was unexpected.

The guy took it as me trying to hit on him and tried to reciprocate.  There was eye balling, head nodding and I immediately felt uncomfortable.

So, is paying for someone’s meal at a drive through now the equivalent of shouting someone a drink at a bar???

Try it.  You don’t have to wear nice clothes, just maybe wash your face before you attempt it and if your hair is scruffy put on a hat.

Unfortunately for this guy, same as with a nightclub I judged him.  Not on his behaviour or appearance, but in the same way I’d avoid a rum drinker.

This guy ordered a Bacon and Egg McMuffin, Hash browns and an Ice Coffee. I don’t care how nice you are too my face. Nothing excuses the lack of disregard for a sausage!!

Unfortunately this time I couldn’t bring myself to swipe right.

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