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Atomic Biography (history/about us/etc.)

Our Values…

To create a brand that the community can stand behind and be proud of.

To make regional Australia a mecca for original music.

To facilitate positive social interactions.

To act with honesty and integrity.

Atomic Media began its life as an indie recording studio based in an East Albury apartment-flat in 2015. At Atomic Records Australia (ARA), writing, recording and producing took place between a small group of friends participating in tertiary sound production classes at Wodonga Tafe that year. Max & Josef Bruckmann, Glen Smart, Chris Miller, Jacob Blackmore, Luke Caton and Jordan Lowe recorded amateur music videos to accompany their original composition rock, pop and hip-hop tracks. The project ran for over eight months, producing one studio album and several EP’s as well as a run of snapback merchandise before the studios were eventually disbanded in early 2016.

In late 2017, an original member of the Atomic Records project, Max Bruckmann, conducted a digital survey of the region to find out the attitudes of young people towards the music industry. The survey depicted a disillusioned and predominantly unengaged youth. While studying at University, through the vehicle of ARA, Bruckmann established a media agency called Atomic Albury that would be used to write blogs and conduct media journalism to promote original Australian recording artists to regional fans. One of the earliest projects of the media agency was to conduct a weekly music-charts countdown through community radio in the Riverina.

Bruckmann networked to procure a collective of skilled freelancers to serve the increasing network of local musicians by providing videography, photography, studio-recording and P.R. services. The team attracted eight members; Joshua Groch (presenter), Barry Leonard-Foye (photographer), Harrison Slattery (media), Matthew Porter (presenter), Charlie Marschall (producer), James Shoemark (photographer) and Connor Young (producer). As a partnership the crew decided to start promoting branded live music events in mid-2018.

Within twelve months the Atomic Countdown program had syndicated to multiple broadcast points at radio stations across the surrounding region. On the one-year anniversary of music charts broadcasts the Atomic Countdown was nominated in the Southern Community Media Association’s ‘X-Awards’ ceremony in the category of Best Locally Produced Music Program. Groch and Bruckmann were presented with the award.

In November of 2018, a series of failed promotional events ran the partnership into financial trouble and many crew members walked away from the agency. With the help of graphic designer Tyson Marcus and promotions manager Melanie Naismith, Bruckmann, Groch and Leonard-Foye made a concerted, last-ditch effort to focus on Atomics’ core-purpose of promoting independent musicians.

The new team rebranded and released a revised website, the Atomic Music Space (www.atomicmusic.space). Featuring an online MP3 store that converted weekly sales figures into a list of top-twenty music charts on the Atomic Countdown, The Music Space replaced earlier text-message and tally charting. In February of 2019, the team then released a monthly print media “gossip” magazine called ‘Atomic’. Featuring original independent artists on each cover, an immense interest in promoting through the rebranded Atomic began. The success of the Music Space saw several independent artists awarded with ‘Radium Certified’ singles, for selling +100 MP3 downloads online. An achievement that many had thought impossible just six months earlier. Bruckmann was nominated by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia for his Outstanding Youth Contribution to the Australian radio community.

In July of 2019 Bruckmann and Groch sold the rebranded Atomic Media to Ice Entertainment Pty. Ltd. for an undisclosed sum. Ice Entertainment launched the Atomic Stream.Space platform in November 2019. An updated mobile web application the Stream.Space allowed independent artists the flexibility to upload their own songs and profiles, track sales and network with other artists while continuing to base the weekly music charts countdown on website data (streams, sales and likes). Ice pushed the Atomic broadcast boundaries to a listener base of 500,000 Australians by syndicating programming with MTM & Seymour FM. By the end of 2019 the company had also pressed over 1500 Atomic magazines into circulation around regional Australia.

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