Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a media organisation we recognise the additional ethical standards expected of us by virtue of the social contract we uphold within our community. We strive to rigorously uphold moral standards in the content that we publish and our means of obtaining publishing material. We will at all times uphold the values of honesty, integrity, freedom of information and justice, anonymity where required and a fair and balanced depiction of events that enhance society in a positive way.

Environmental Sustainability

At Atomic Media we recognise the importance of pursuing business in a conscious and sustainable manner. We believe in innovation that can create growth for present people without compromising the ability of future generations to also grow and flourish. We have identified several important areas where we have been able to take steps to reduce our environmental footprint

We have adopted environmentally friendly manufacturing initiatives including the employment of a certified Sustainable Green Printer in the publishing and production of our print materials. Our magazines are printed with vegetable-based inks rather than petroleum and they are vibrant, lasting and make for a recyclable product. The aluminium plates used in our printing process are recycled and produce very minimal chemical waste. The waste produced throughout our printing process is also disposed of using a licenced waste management company.

We encourage our work-from-home practices for our employees. This policy reduces the impact of our workforce on carbon intensive activities like travel and electricity usage. We do not invest in airconditioned office blocks that consume material in the infrastructure, construction and maintenance.

In our products we encourage the adoption of digital-based items that have minimal sustainability impact. Our popular digital products include electronic distribution of magazines and other promotional material through PDF and social media. Online MP3 purchases provide music that isn’t pressed into petroleum-based vinyl, CD or cassette formats.


Youth Industry Pathways Program

Atomic launched its Youth Industry Pathways initiative alongside Retro Youth programs during 2019. Youth Industry Pathways is a weekly program designed to educate and inspires ambitious young writers, photographers and journalists under the programs three pillars of writing, photography and marketing. The program is aimed at young students who aspire to work in the field of journalism or the music industry. Every week Atomic provides skilled resources to run the program and provide invaluable industry experience and connections as well as insight into how the music industry works and how young people can make the most of their time in the field.

Youth Industry Pathways provides exhilarating opportunities for high-schoolers to attend local music events, meet n’ greet and interview exciting independent artists, and secure valued publishing space in our monthly print magazines. Many students cite the enjoyment of having their works published as one of the most exciting factors of the Youth Industry Pathways program. As well as this they can build a portfolio of their own work. These opportunities provide them with a unique formula to apply for further studies or employment opportunities and present a résumé that displays initiative, drive and experience on their behalf. We are very proud of our Youth Industry Pathways program and commit to securing ongoing opportunities for our communities’ young people in the exciting field of journalism, music publishing and the arts.

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